Stylish themes and ideas for fall weddings!

Incorporate fall into your autumn wedding!

As the days grow cooler and the leaves turn to the most vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, brown and gold, it is the perfect time to incorporate the beautifully rich colors of fall in to your wedding. Fall offers the perfect backdrop for an extravagantly rich wedding on any budget! And it is becoming a popular time to have a wedding because the weather is still beautiful, often better than spring because it tends to be drier and fall offers a dramatic backdrop in states that experience fall foliage. Planning a wedding is costly on any budget. We’ll offer a few ideas to save money with out looking like your cutting costs.Planning a wedding on a tight budget can be frustrating! You want it all! And more important you want your wedding to live in your memories as the most beautiful and special day that any bride could have hoped for. Planning a wedding in the fall offers a bride many ways to get the most for your money. The cost for flowers and décor can eat up a large chunk of your budget. But for those who are creative bringing nature into your wedding can be a money saving decision.

Wedding Décor

The fall foliage offers a wide array of beautiful leaves that can be incorporated into a centerpiece at no cost! Fall is also the season for mums, which come in a wide selection of rich colors and can be bought inexpensively because they are in season. Tall grasses are also available in the most beautiful shades of gold and brown and can be incorporated into your centerpieces also at no cost. Dollar stores also carry various colored berries and silk flowers that can be purchased to finish off your fall centerpieces. Leaves can be sprayed with gold or iridescent sparkle and spread around the centerpieces on the table for a cost of about $2.00. Be creative! You can create a dramatic effect at a fraction of the cost.


 Fall offers apples and pears and other native fruits in a wide variety of colors (or non-native fruit if trying to match your theme)! When placed in wicker baskets or glass vases, the fruit becomes a beautiful centerpiece for your tables. This trend has been showing up in Hollywood weddings and can be replicated for your wedding at a fraction of the price of flowers. Instyle Weddings reports that when Jason Priestley wed Naomi Lowde, wicker baskets that held kiwis and avocados graced the tables.


The beautiful colors that fall has to offer can be incorporated into your wedding invitation for a beautiful effect. The Classic is currently featuring invitations for your fall wedding that offer beautiful leaves that can be customized to match the colors you have chosen for your theme. Rich reds, oranges, browns, and gold leaves can be strategically placed to create an elegant invitation. Choosing to emboss one or many leaves can be a way to take a fall theme and make it stand out on your invitation.


To create a layered effect, accessorize your fall invitation with a small dried leave tied onto the front invitation with ribbon. Visit the for more ideas for your autumn wedding. Popular colors for this fall include red, silver, and black. To create a beautiful layered effect, choose vellum in a color to match your theme. Vellum can be printed or stamped and can be used in a variety of ways to created a layered look. The Classic Invitation offers a wide variety of choices that will make your invitation stand out this fall.

By: Sheila Elizabeth


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