Winter Weddings

 Winter Weddings: Your own winter wonderland!

Winter is simply the most beautiful time of year to get married.  When I think winter the first thing that comes to mind is snow and ice, crackling fires, and beautiful holiday decorations.  A winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to have a lavish affair that is different from the typical cookie cutter spring wedding.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started and save some money!

Snowflakes!  To create the most elegant, beautiful winter wonderland wedding, consider choosing snowflakes for the theme of your wedding.  Think silver and iridescent white and cool blues. 

Snowflake Centerpiece:  Creating a beautiful centerpiece with a snowflake theme can be easy!  First gather (or buy)  2 – 3 foot tall branches and spray paint them white.  To make them sparkle you can also purchase glitter spray paint that can be sprayed on once the white paint is dry.  Once the branches are dry, arrange them in a glass vase. (Can be purchased for $1.00 – $2.00.)  Next you can hang snowflakes, crystals and icicles depending on your taste from the branches.  Snowflakes can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores.  You can also purchase diamond shaped beads at craft stores in packs of 10 – 20 for about $5.00.  Look for coupons and shop sales at stores like Micheal’s, JoAnn’s or AC Moore to save even more money.  This time of year you can also purchase Christmas ornaments such as icicles, long dangling crystals, and unique snowflakes that are inexpensive and can be used to create a chandelier effect.  Placing candles around the table will cause the finished center piece to twinkle. 

Snowflake themed Wedding Invitations:  The snowflake can be used as either an understated theme in the invitation or it can be the highlight of the invitation.  Choosing to have your invitation custom designed gives you the opportunity to choose exactly how you want your invitation to look.  You can have snowflakes cut out in the paper, or you can choose to have a simple elegant snowflake embossed in a beautiful silver (or any color) on your invitation paper, or you can even choose a traditional invitation and overlay an elegant snowflake velum to match your theme, the possibilities are endless.  Styling your invitation with snowflakes will let your guests know that your wedding is going to be a “winter wonderland”. Contact to custom design your invitation today! 

Snowflakes instead of Petals:  A very cute idea is to have your flower girl throw iridescent snowflakes instead of rose petals!  It is far less expensive than rose petals and is readily available this time of year for very little cost.  Your flower girl will love the title of “snow princess/fairy” just as much as flower girl!

Snowflake Wedding Cake:  For a new twist on the traditional wedding cake, try decorating the cake with snowflakes.  They can be designed in beautiful silvers to create a beautiful effect.  Or try white snowflakes on white frosting for an understated elegance.  Or for dramatic effect try a blue frosting with silver or white snowflakes adorning the cake.  

By: Sheila Elizabeth                                                                            


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