Holiday Cards Featuring Your Wedding!

When planning out the pictures you want the photographer to capture at your wedding, why not plan for a picture for your Holiday card?  With a little planning you can create a holiday card that will share your wedding with friends and family who were unable to attend and remind your guests of that happy day all while wishing them a happy holiday!  One idea that I just love is to make (or have made) a sign that is big enough for you and your fiance to hold.  Decorate the sign with the holiday greeting of your choice.  For example:  Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!  You can choose to use just an elegant scripted phrase or personalize your sign further with either seasonal decorations or you can match the signs message with the theme of your wedding.   A great way to have the photographer shoot the picture is to place you and your fiance facing each other in the “traditional” kissing pose while you each hold the sign with one hand.  If your photographer retains the copyrights to your wedding photos consider having a friend or family member with a digital camera take the photograph.  This way you can have the cards printed elsewhere for a fraction of the cost that the photographer will charge you for printing or reproduction.  Visit The Classic Invitation to inquire about having your holiday cards custom designed with your wedding pictures today!

By: Sheila Elizabeth


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