A winter themed wedding: The Nutcracker Suite

Every bride dreams of a wedding that will be their own personal fairy tale.  They want their wedding to be a magical event that will stand out in their memories as one of the happiest memories in a lifetime.  When planning a winter wedding The Nutcracker Suite is a wonderful theme to consider.  It offers a rich, dreamy, magical theme that is perfectly suited for a winter wedding. 

Color Scheme 

When planning the color scheme for your Nutcracker suite inspired wedding I simply love the combination of Cocoa and Sugar Plum.  The richness of the cocoa is perfectly paired with a shimmering plum color. 


Several options are available that perfectly compliment a Nutcracker inspired wedding.  The first option is to use cocoa and sugar plum as the invitation theme.  Sugar plum colored stock paper printed with cocoa colored ink, enclosed in a sugar plum colored vellum pocket makes a beautiful invitation.  Another option is to have a nutcracker included on your invitation paper.  There are several ways to include a nutcracker into your invite, contact www.theclassicinvitation.comto discuss a variety of options from simple to dramatic.  Another great idea for an invitation is to have your invitation designed in the shape of a snowflake.  The Classic Invitation can custom design any style snowflake invitation that you can imagine. From a simple classic snowflake embossed onto a traditional invitation to an iridescent, shimmering snowflake shaped invitation the only limit is your imagination!


Tchaikovsky composed some of his most magical music for The Nutcracker Suite.  The Waltz of the Flowers, or Dance of the Reed Flutes are perfect for your processional and/or recessional music.  Other compositions that are perfect for cocktail hour and your dinner music include Tchaikovsky’s March and The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  Consult with your band or DJ (although I strongly would recommend a good band!) for more options to continue the magical mood throughout the night. 


Consider hiring local college/university ballet students to perform a dance during your dinner.  Odds are they will know the Nutcracker Ballet and will be much less expensive then hiring a professional ballet troup!  The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy would be perfect!


Finding a venue that has fireplaces is essential!  A crackling fire is perfect for a winter wedding and is a feature the ties in with the nutcracker inspired theme.  Another must is candles, everywhere! The last and maybe the most important is the Christmas tree.  There are two thoughts on how to incorporate the tree.  You can either go the traditional route and get a beautiful tree set up and decorated as a focal point in the reception decor.  Or you can purchase mini Christmas trees that can be used as center pieces on the tables.  The tree or trees can be decorated in cocoa and sugar plum colored ornaments to create the perfect look.


Music boxes are the perfect favor for a Nutcracker themed wedding.  And you can find music boxes that play Tchaikovsky, that way when your guests listen to the music box they will be reminded of your wedding.  Another option is to give your guests wedding themed ornaments that they can be hung on their Christmas tree.  You can even have the ornaments painted with you and your fiance’s name and the date of your wedding.

Send Off

Get sent off in the perfect winter fashion.  Use snowflakes instead of rice!  You can either use snowflake cut outs or you can use iridescent snow that can be purchased at any major store this time of year.  I personally like a combination of shimmering sugar plum colored snowflake cut outs mixed with a little of the store bought snow packaged in an iridescent cocoa colored bag tied with a sugar plum colored ribbon.

By: Sheila Elizabeth


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