Holiday Cards and Invitations

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas card?  Or are you seeking invitations for your holiday party?  The Classic Invitation offers more than just wedding invitations!  We custom design all of our invitations and can create any stationary that you require.  This holiday season send your family and friends cards and invitations that have been custom designed for you and your family.  

A few great ideas for your Holiday cards and Invitations

Snowflakes:  A perfect idea is to have the card or invitation cut in the shape of a snowflake.  Another idea is to have snowflake embossed into the card or invitation.  Or you can cut small snowflakes out of the paper used for the card or invitation.  The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Trees:  A Christmas tree design can be done numerous ways.  A large Christmas tree can be embossed onto the card or invitation paper and the adorned with rhinestones or other embellishments to decorate the tree.  Christmas trees can be cut out in the paper leaving an understated holiday invitation or card.  I would recommend using a dramatic red or silver stock paper when having the card or invitation designed.

Monogram:  A custom monogram can be designed and decorated with holly or can be enclosed in the center of a custom wreath design. 

The Star of David:  The star of David can be incorporated into your holiday card or invitation in countless ways, the only limit is your imagination.

Other Design Ideas:  Stars, Poinsettias, Pine trees, Angels, Pine cones, Santa Claus, Menorah, Candles, Snowmen or any thing that you can imagine can be created!

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By:Sheila Elizabeth


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