Spring Preview: 2008 Wedding Style.

This spring will be featuring a vibrant color palette of rich jewel toned accents.  Accenting classic wedding color schemes such as ivory and silver and gold with vibrant color creates a dramatic visual effect. 

A popular choice for next spring is yellow!  Adding a jewel toned yellow to your theme can be done in a variety of ways.  A vibrant yellow bouquet is a stunning way to make a statement with bold color.  I simply love the look of lavender ribbon against a vibrant yellow bouquet.  Lavender and yellow is also a great choice for bridesmaids dresses.  A beautiful yellow sash is just the right touch for accenting the dresses.  Or instead of adding the yellow accent color to the bridesmaids dresses, create bouquets for them that are a reverse of your own.  Lavender flowers with a yellow ribbon accent will create a beautiful contrast to your own bouquet of flowers. 

Invitations:  This coming spring features classic invitations accented with rich jewel tones and embellishments.  Crisp white invitations, printed with traditional black ink and embellished with bold accents.  A great way to incorporate color is by having the envelope lined with a beautiful print.  Think beautiful floral flourishes in a vibrant color.  Or choose to have a beautiful ribbon added to incorporate color into a traditional invitation.  Another  idea is to layer your invitation with vellum that is embellished with rhinestones (sparingly, not tacky!) in the color you have chosen to accent with.  Visit www.theclassicinvitation.com for a free consultation on invitation design.  The Classic Invitation offers custom designed invitations and can create anything you have in mind.

Center Pieces:  A beautiful idea for your center piece is to purchase large glass urns.  Any glass vase with a lid is suitable.  Fill the bottom of the vase or urn with clear glass beads.  Purchase flowers of your choice (like vibrant yellow flowers) real or silk and create small bouquets to place in the vase, anchoring the bouquet in the beads.  Take a piece of ribbon in the same color as the flowers and wrap  the ribbon around the bouquet and hot glue it down.  Get tapered candles in the same color as the flowers and place in glass candle holders around the center piece. Easy, inexpensive and elegant!

By: Sheila Elizabeth


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