Find Your Wedding Style

While planning for your wedding there is an seemingly endless number of decisions that need to be made.  The possibilities are endless, which can make the task of choosing what will work best for your wedding a difficult decision.  And then there are the decisions that you have never even considered or never thought you would be in a position to have to make.    Once engaged, many couples discover they have two different visions for what they want in a wedding.  One wants a large, grand wedding and the other wants a small, intimate affair.  How do you combine two visions into one event?  Compromise!

Finding your wedding style can ease the process.  First, find out what you both like.  Often by examining both versions of the ideal wedding you will find common desires.  Do you both want to be married in a church, or would you prefer an outdoor wedding?  Do you both love certain colors?  Is there a song that is “your song”?  Make a list of everything you both want.  If an issue arises that you begin to disagree upon set the issue aside.  Move on.  Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful.  One way to ease the decision making process is to hire a wedding planner.  The wedding planner can act as an intermediary.  Helping to draw out what you both want and create an event that will satisfy both families. 

After uncovering the commonalities in your vision for the wedding, asking yourself the following questions will aid in discovering your wedding style.

1.  How big is your wedding going to be?  First make a list of the people who you can’t imagine not attending your wedding.  Sometimes an intimate wedding is just impractical.  A small wedding is typically less than 100 guests, a medium wedding generally consists of up to 200 guests and more than 200 guests is considered a large wedding. 

2.  What time of year do you want to get married?  If you are planning for a short engagement, often season is less of a consideration.  Typically a wedding takes between 10 – 12 months to plan and coordinate.  Choosing which season you want to get married in often impacts the style you choose for your wedding, so deciding on a season can help your decision making process.

3.  What time of day do you want to have the wedding?  The time of day that you get married lends to the overall style of the wedding.  Having your wedding at sunset can be beautiful and romantic.  Holding your ceremony in the morning can be a money saving option and tends to be a little less formal than an evening wedding.  An evening wedding tends to be the most formal.  For an outdoor wedding planning an afternoon wedding is practical, unless you plan to arrange for lighting.

4.  Who is paying for the wedding?  You and your fiance, the Bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, or a combination of the above?  Who pays for the wedding can greatly impact the decision making process.

5.  What is the budget?  Money is usually always a deciding factor.  Deciding where to spend it is important.  Avoid stress by setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. 

6.  Location:  Where are you going to have the ceremony and reception? Will it be local, a destination wedding, in a church, outdoors, a hotel, or private residence?  Location is essential to your wedding style. 

Once you have answered these questions you are ready to talk about your wedding style.  Do you want a traditional or nontraditional wedding?  Do you want a formal or relaxed affair?  Do you want your wedding to be elegant and elaborate or a fun and simple event? 

Choose a color scheme.  The colors you choose to incorporate into your wedding can be fun, elegant, classy or chic.  Your color scheme should be representative of the style you have chosen for your wedding.

Invitations:  Your invitations are a representation of the style and theme of your wedding.  It sets the mood for your wedding and conveys to your guests whether your wedding will be a formal event or an intimate affair.  Your invitation creates anticipation for your upcoming nuptials.  Having your invitation custom designed allows you to create an invitation that is truly yours.  The Classic Invitation offers invitations custom designed specifically for your event.  You choose the theme, the design, the colors and the papers for your invitation.  Contact The Classic Invitation at for a free consultation.

By: Sheila Elizabeth



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