Diamonds are a girls best friend: 10 ways to create a sparkling Wedding!

Your wedding is probally the most lavish event that you will ever plan.  You know you want your wedding to be gorgeous and memorable.  You want it to be the best night of your life.  How do you choose a theme to accompany such a grand scale event?  Think diamonds…  from your engagement ring, to your bridal attire, your invitations and stationery to your reception decor.  A diamond theme can be the perfect choice!  With the high cost for “real” diamonds, other than your bridal jewlery why not use rhinestones?  They have all the glitz without the cost!

How to incorporate a diamond theme into your wedding:

1)  Your engagement ring!  Why not coordinate your wedding to the style of your ring?  Is your engagement ring classic, princess, simple, modern, heirloom, et cetera? First determine your ring style!

2) Bridal Attire:  Once you have determined your ring style, find a dress that incorporates that style.  For the classic or princess style find a dress that incorporates rhinestones and pearls.  For a modern style try crystals and rhinestones to add sparkle to your look.  An heirloom look is perfect with pearls featuring a hint of a rhinestone accent.  Go for the glitz! 

3)  Tiaras and Crowns:  A diamond themed wedding screams for a beautiful diamond or rhinestone encrusted tiara or crown to finish your bridal attire.  Your fiance can even choose rhinestone or diamond cuff links to coordinate with your bridal jewelery!

4)  Your bouquet:  A perfect way to incorporate rhinestones into your floral display is in your bouquet!  Your florist can place rhinestones into the flowers and can even encrust the handle of the bouquet in rhinestones. From simple to over the top, it is your choice!

5) Table Centerpieces:  Tall floral displays are perfect for stringing crytals and rhinestones to hang from your centerpieces.  You can also place crystals into the vases to anchor the florals.  Place candles under your centerpiece and the crystals and rhinestones will shimmer and glow!

6)  Invitations and Stationery:  The Classic Invitation offers many unique ways to incorporate rhinestones and crytstals into your invitations and stationery.  To create a custom look that incorporates all the glitz and glam of diamonds contact today to customize the look of your wedding.  From programs, menus, place cards, to table number cards The Classic Invitation can create a look that will wow your guests!

7)  Chandeliers:  Hang chandeliers or strung crystals from the ceiling of your venue.   Add the proper lighting and you can create a look that have your venue shimmering from the ceiling to the floor. 

8)  Napkin holders:  Go over the top with Rhinestone encrusted napkin holders, or for a more simple look a round gold or silver napkin holder is perfect with a few tastefully placed rhinestones.  This is a great do-it-yourself project that doesn’t cost a lot of money but will leave your guests with the impression that you spent a fortune!

9)  Cake topper:  A rhinestone encrusted monogram cake topper is the perfect way to accent your cake with a diamond look!  Take the look over the top and have your cake designer add a diamond and pearl design to the frosting of the cake.  Arrange for dramatic lighting on the cake table and your cake topper will shimmer.  A rhinestone cake topper doesn’t cost a lot but adds a lot of drama.

10)  The food:  The food?  Yes!  Plan to have your caterer plate the food served to your guests with an orchid that has a rhinestone glued in the center.  It will be a garnishment that will be sure to be remembered.  And it is the ultimate finishing touch to a diamond themed wedding!  Have you ever been served food with rhinestone encrusted garnishments?  Enough said!  Mr. and Mrs. Jones who?



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