Plan An Out Door Summer Wedding and Save Money!

An outdoor wedding is not only beautiful but a way to save money.  By taking the natural elements of the location and incorporating those elements into your wedding, you can create a beautiful, unique ceremony with out spending a lot of money! 

 Ceremony Alter:  One great idea is to create your own outdoor alter!  Why spend alot of money to purchase or rent an archway to frame your ceremony, when you can create your own archway at a fraction of the cost!

outdooralterjessicaclaire1.jpg                                                          Photography by Jessica Claire

This approach creates an intimate ceremonial location that is sure to impress your guests!  Using natural potted orchids (or other potted flower) to decorate the archway is a great alternative to expensive cut florals for the ceremony.  Enhance the look of the potted orchids with tall twigs and tree branches.  This element can be gathered outdoors and utilized without any cost at all.  After the wedding the orchids can be used to decorate your home!

close-up-orchids.jpg           Photography by Jessica Claire

The Reception:  By having the wedding in the summer you can save money by skipping the tent!  Set up your tables and chairs outside and enjoy the sun set, moonlight and the twinkeling stars!  Be sure to place a lot of candles on the table to provide enough lighting for your guests after the sun sets. 

The Center Pieces:  A great way to carry the look from the ceremony to the reception is to use smaller potted orchids (or other potted flowers) as the centerpieces.  Shop around to see if you can get a bulk rate for the orchids.  By using the potted orchid as your center piece it can also serve double duty as the “guest favors”.  Purchase enough orchids to give one plant to each couple or family.  Place the extra orchids on a favor table and voila, you’ve saved money on by using your favors as center pieces. 

 orchidtable1.jpg                                                                            Photography by Jessica Claire

The Stationery:  Create a custom look for your outdoor wedding with unique stationery, it’s an inexpensive way to create an expensive look!  Table number cards, place cards, programs, menus, tags for your favors, table cards for the candy bar, gift table, guest book table, favor table, et cetera.  Simple touches can create a dramatic effect!  The Classic Invitation specializes in creating a custom designed “look” for your wedding regardless of the budget!   Contact for a free consultation! 

By:  Sheila Elizabeth             

Special thanks to Jessica Claire Photograpy for the use of her beautiful work.  You can contact her at


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