New Wedding Invitation Line for 2010!

We are so excited to announce our new 2010 line of wedding invitations at ! In addition to our current custom designed to order invitations we are adding a new ready to order line of wedding invitations!
What you can expect:
Inspired by a recent trip to Mexico, the beauty of the beaches and the vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea I have designed invitations for the new ready to order line that feature beautiful coral and starfish in vibrant tropical inspired hues.
Rockabilly: We are in love with the new line of Rockabilly themed wedding invitations! Cherries, cupcakes, skulls, sparrows, nautical stars, anchors and more! This line will be featured in the 2010 ready to order line.
Giraffe print: I am in love with giraffe print! And so I have decided to feature a really gorgeous textured giraffe print wedding invitation.
As soon as pictures are available I plan to feature a sneak peak of the new ready to order line here on the blog! More to come, check back soon!

By: Sheila Elizabeth


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