2010 Wedding Style Alert…Vintage Wedding Theme!

Style Alert!!  One of the hottest wedding trends for 2010 is a vintage themed wedding.  Big bands, pearls and diamonds, antique cars, top hats, bird-cage veils, brooches and lockets, hair and make up, vintage style dresses and tuxedos create the look.  Vintage weddings are all about glamour and elegance.  I love the 1940’s wedding cake featured in the picture in the third row below, simply stunning.  Looking for vintage jewelry?  Dig into your Grandma’s jewelry drawer, you may just find the perfect vintage items that you are seeking!  For the groom, think Fred Astaire with a classic black pinstripe tuxedo with black and white wing tip shoes.  For the bride, a simple red lip makes a grand statement when pared with a vintage style wedding dress.  And don’t forget the bridesmaids!  A vintage locket makes a great gift idea for your girls and will look beautiful with vintage style bridesmaid dresses. 






By: Sheila Elizabeth  www.theclassicinvitation.com



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