Wedding Style Alert: Celebrate your Wedding by Planting a Tree!

A great idea for eco-conscious couples: Plant a tree! The tree symbolizes your relationship. It will grow with your marriage and family. It will also help to reduce the earth’s carbon load and provide your future family with shade and oxygen! What a fabulous way to symbolize the love you share!  Some couples pour sand into a vase.  Others light candles to symbolize their union.  Why not plant a tree?  Trees symbolize strength and life through the oxygen they provide, they are also constant and steady, they give back and ask for nothing that nature doesn’t provide and are a growing legacy.  If you don’t have space in your own yard, why not donate one to your town or park in honor of your wedding? Great links for planting a tree in honor of your wedding: , , . 

Here is a great tip: On your 10th anniversary (or once the tree is large enough) carve your initials into the trunk of your tree! It can become a great tradition for future generations.




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