2011 Wedding Trends

As a wedding invitation designer I am constantly researching wedding trends in order to provide my clients with current designs and looks that are in step with what is occurring in the fashion world.  Here is my list of this years hot wedding trends.  And let me tell you I am so excited with what I am seeing!  I love the feel of a vintage 20’s and 30’s themed wedding and am so thrilled by the vintage floral and art deco designs that are showing up this season.  I hope you will be as inspired as I have been!  Enjoy…  

Jeweled Hair Clips.  I am in love with the vintage feel that this look creates for 2011 weddings.  With a 20’s and 30’s vibe this trend is a stunner!  Be on the look out for bird-cage veils to complete the look.

I love this photographer! Contact www.laurasofiaphotography.com

Also sure to be an instant classic for 2011 are the wedding gowns coming down the runways for this season featuring elegant Tulle (Yes, Tulle!) overlays.  I am delighted with the effect (and can’t wait to translate this trend into an invitation)!

Feathers!  Watch for feathers in center pieces, hair pieces, wedding dresses and invitations and stationery.  This trend has been growing since Carrie Bradshaw donned a bird in the first Sex in the City movie.  Hot this season is the Peacock feather with the elegant feel that it inspires.  Create your own custom feather inspired wedding invitation at www.theclassicinvitation.com.

Color trends for 2011 weddings include bright tropical and jewel toned colors. Pantone has released its Color of the year for 2011.  Honeysuckle!  It’s the most gorgeous shade of pink and you’re sure to love it as much as I do.

Wedding Invitation Trends:

Art Deco! I love all that is vintage (can you tell?) and am excited to be able to design invitations that suit this trend.  Looking for an art deco invitation?  Contact me, we will have a blast coordinating on a design.  www.theclassicinvitation.com

Boho Chic: Beautiful floral patterns with a mod vintage vibe.  Simple, elegant and classic.  Inspired by this trend I’ve designed a couple of wedding invitations for you to enjoy.

Large Ornate Monograms:  Monograms designed using an ornate typeface is a trend that as a designer is turning into one of my favorites this wedding season!  A monogrammed invitation is a classic design and with an ornate font it adds an elegant twist.  This trend doesn’t apply only to your stationery.  You can also purchase a digital file of your monogram to project on your venue’s walls and dance floor!  Just ask me!

 Eco Chic:  Formal Invitations can be eco-friendly!  The Classic Invitation offers recycled and eco-friendly paper and envelopes for your invitation designs.  We also purchase our paper from a Forest Stewardship Council certified distributor that operates with 100% Green E-certified wind power.  And by purchasing American paper and designing and producing our invitations in the USA we are reducing emissions associated with importing and shipping (and supporting the American economy!).

Venues:  A great way to save money (and keep the party going!) is to rent a home or a mansion for the week or weekend depending on your budget.  I recently attended a friend’s wedding at a gorgeous estate.  They were able to rent the estate for a week at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding!  And was it fabulous!  There was the main mansion, a guest house, a gazebos that housed the band and dance floor, indoor pool, and a natural spring feed pond with boating, fishing and swimming (I even swam in the pond it was refreshing).  It was quite the extravaganza.  It was private, elegant and just lovely.  Check the pictures out!

By: Sheila Elizabeth     www.theclassicinvitation.com


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