New Aqua, Black and White Layered Wedding Invitation: Ashley and Jeffery!

I’ve been working with Ashley and Jeffery on a custom designed wedding invitation set for their spring wedding.  They came to me with a very specific vision in mind and I was so happy to bring their vision to fruition!  And what a lovely design.  They were looking for a layered invitation in aqua, black and white.  I choose a combination of linen and metallic stock papers, along with double-faced satin ribbon to compliment the upscale look and create a rich feel for their invitation sets.  Mission accomplished!  They love it!  And I am so glad. 

Our company, The Classic Invitation, based in Connecticut, had a horrendous winter! We had record-setting snow and had to close our studio on multiple occasions due to the extreme amount of snow fall.  January marked the most snow ever on record in Connecticut.  My new favorite saying is that Connecticut is the new Canada (LOL).  So needless to say I worried that I would be unable to finish Ashley and Jeffery’s invitation design in a timely manner.  Many of the building’s in my city shut down or evacuated because roofs were collapsing from the weight of the snow.  125 year old buildings just up the street from our studio completely caved in and just crashed (our studio is housed in a building built-in 1890)!  But despite the weather and with a very understanding bride I was able to complete the design and finish the invitation.  Whew!  I hope you enjoy the result.  Looking for invitations?  Visit


By: Sheila Elizabeth


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