What are monograms typically used for?

One of our clients recently asked: “What are monograms typically used for?”  So I thought I would answer that question here for everyone.  Monograms have a wide variety of uses and come in any style, from classic to modern.  Typical uses for printing monograms include save-the-date cards, invitations and stationery, programs, table card numbers, seating cards and thank you cards.  Including a host of other printed options!  Another popular (and great!) use for a monogram is to display it on the dance floor or wall of your venue.  A fun use (and less expensive alternative to a photo booth) is to print the monogram on a back drop to use as a step and repeat for guests to take pictures in front of at the wedding reception.  Digital uses for a monogram include wedding websites, logos and even in email correspondence it can be inserted into a picture or used as a picture itself.  After the wedding is over use the monogram file to order/create custom monogrammed towels or sheets!  The options for using a monogram are really endless.  The Classic Invitation offers both custom designed monograms and personalized pre-designed monograms.  To order visit  http://theclassicinvitation.com/monograms.aspx.

By: Sheila Elizabeth  www.theclassicinvitation.com


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