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Monogram Wedding Invitation: designed for eco-sustainability.

I recently was asked to design an invitation that was as stylish as it is eco-friendly. So I set out to design an invitation with that in mind and this is what I came up with!  Mission accomplished!

When it comes to planning a wedding that is “Green” the invitations and stationery are often one of the least eco-friendly components of the wedding.  They are made from paper, they are used once, they are shipped, mailed and delivered which leaves a carbon footprint, so for all these reasons they are often not something that is viewed as eco-conscious.  BUT I can assure you that this design helps to reduce the impact of each of those points!  First the paper and envelopes selected are made from partially recycled content and the raw material in the paper is FSC certified. The FSC trademark identifies products which contain wood from well-managed forests certified under the rules of the FSC, ensuring that people, wildlife and the environment benefit from the forestry practices.  Next, The Classic Invitation seeks out and purchases our paper goods through a supplier that operates with 100% wind energy and offsets 100% of the carbon dioxide produced from outbound shipping through the purchase of renewable energy credits.  In our studio, The Classic Invitation buys our electricity from a wind farm, so the carbon footprint of each invitation our studio produces is further reduced throughout every stage (from design to printing) of production in our studio.  And though these wedding invitations are designed to be used once, and though we hope they will be saved and treasured as a keepsake, they are fully recyclable!  Which makes them even more stylish than they would be otherwise.  Our motto at The Classic Invitation is eco-friendly design with style in mind!    Interested in eco-friendly wedding invitation design?  Contact us at

By: Sheila Elizabeth


New Aqua, Black and White Layered Wedding Invitation: Ashley and Jeffery!

I’ve been working with Ashley and Jeffery on a custom designed wedding invitation set for their spring wedding.  They came to me with a very specific vision in mind and I was so happy to bring their vision to fruition!  And what a lovely design.  They were looking for a layered invitation in aqua, black and white.  I choose a combination of linen and metallic stock papers, along with double-faced satin ribbon to compliment the upscale look and create a rich feel for their invitation sets.  Mission accomplished!  They love it!  And I am so glad. 

Our company, The Classic Invitation, based in Connecticut, had a horrendous winter! We had record-setting snow and had to close our studio on multiple occasions due to the extreme amount of snow fall.  January marked the most snow ever on record in Connecticut.  My new favorite saying is that Connecticut is the new Canada (LOL).  So needless to say I worried that I would be unable to finish Ashley and Jeffery’s invitation design in a timely manner.  Many of the building’s in my city shut down or evacuated because roofs were collapsing from the weight of the snow.  125 year old buildings just up the street from our studio completely caved in and just crashed (our studio is housed in a building built-in 1890)!  But despite the weather and with a very understanding bride I was able to complete the design and finish the invitation.  Whew!  I hope you enjoy the result.  Looking for invitations?  Visit


By: Sheila Elizabeth

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2010 Wedding Style Alert…Vintage Wedding Theme!

Style Alert!!  One of the hottest wedding trends for 2010 is a vintage themed wedding.  Big bands, pearls and diamonds, antique cars, top hats, bird-cage veils, brooches and lockets, hair and make up, vintage style dresses and tuxedos create the look.  Vintage weddings are all about glamour and elegance.  I love the 1940’s wedding cake featured in the picture in the third row below, simply stunning.  Looking for vintage jewelry?  Dig into your Grandma’s jewelry drawer, you may just find the perfect vintage items that you are seeking!  For the groom, think Fred Astaire with a classic black pinstripe tuxedo with black and white wing tip shoes.  For the bride, a simple red lip makes a grand statement when pared with a vintage style wedding dress.  And don’t forget the bridesmaids!  A vintage locket makes a great gift idea for your girls and will look beautiful with vintage style bridesmaid dresses. 






By: Sheila Elizabeth


2009 Wedding Invitation Style

This season features a vibrant fruit inspired color palate.  Lime, tangerine and watermelon are sure to stand out as the “it” colors for 2009 weddings.  Beautiful, bold stationery is a great way to incorporate this seasons color palate into your wedding.  Accent your venue with programs, place cards, table card numbers, menus, drink menus, station cards, favor tags and much more to splash color through out your wedding and reception.

Popular for the 2009 wedding season is the use of a monochromatic color scheme that utilizes varations of the color selected to create a dramatic effect.  For example choose from different shades of the color in different textured papers like linen or cotton and finishes such as matte or metallic paper to create a stunning final product.  Finish the invitation with a coordinating embellishment such as a ribbon or rhinestone design. 

2009 is the ecofriendly wedding invitations year to shine!  In our design studio, The Classic Invitation offers FSC certified paper and envelopes, SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified paper and envelopes, recycled paper and envelopes in addition to virgin paper products.  In addition we are proud to purchase all of our paper from Paper Mills located right here in the USA.  We only seek out and purchase ribbon and embellishments that are made in the USA.  We are also proud to say that one of our main paper suppliers operates on 100% renewable wind energy and ships our paper orders using carbon neutral shipping!  Buying local helps to stimulate our economy, supports American employees, saves on fuel costs and lowers our carbon footprint.  Interested in Green Stationery?  Contact us at!

Are you inspired with the idea of ordering Environmentally Friendly invitations and stationery?  Finish your environmentally friendly invitation by choosing from a wide variety of natural embellishments instead of the traditional embellishments that are often manufactured using petroleum(such as satin ribbon or plastic rhinestones).  Choose from natural fibers such as cotton ribbon or bamboo fiber.  Beautiful natural pressed flowers are a great way to adorn an ecofriendly friendly invitation with beauty and style.  The Classic Invitation offers a wide variety of natural pressed flowers in just about any color or flower, including leaves and greenery.

Find us on Martha Stewart Weddings!

The Classic Invitation is pleased to announce that we are now a featured Connecticut vendor on!  We can be found under the invitations and favors section for Connecticut using the “Find a Vendor” feature on Martha’s wedding homepage at  If you stop by to visit our page on Martha Stewart weddings be sure to rate our service!  We work hard to provide each customer with the highest level of service and would be pleased to have you rate our service to let other brides know about your experience!

Tips For Successfully Mailing Your Wedding Invitations

The key to successfully mailing your wedding invitations is organization!  Taking the time to plan ahead and create an organizational strategy will save you time and headaches when it’s time to provide your vendors with the final number of guests.

Guest List:  If you haven’t created a hard copy of your guest list, now is the time.  Perhaps you’ve been working with a guest list that is in your head or perhaps you and your fiance’ haven’t wanted to face the cold hard truth that your guest list is going to be larger than expected, what ever your reason it’s time to sit down and finalize your guest list.  If you have to limit your guest list to a certain number of people now is the time to prioritize who you couldn’t imagine not being at your wedding and who can be cut from your list.  You may want to place the guests your forced to cut on a “B” list.  That way when you receive replies from guests who are unable to attend, you can then mail invitations to your “B” list.

Addresses: Once you’ve put together your guest list it is time to gather your guests addresses.  Formal invitations are sent to the home address of your guest unless they specifically request or prefer to receive their invitation at their place of business.  When gathering the information for addressing your invitations be sure to gather the full names of your guests spouses or significant other if they are in a long term relationship and you know that they will be bringing them as their escort.  It is preferential to use full names instead of the term “and guest” unless you do not know who will be escorting your guest.  If you are inviting the children of your guests be sure to include the children’s first names on your guest list.

List:  You will want to create a list that includes columns for number, name and address,mailed, attending, unable to attend, no response and called.  This way you can keep track of who you have mailed invitations to, who has replied, who has not responded and who you have called to follow up with. 

Reply Cards:  Inevitably you will receive reply cards back that either have no name or are just completely blank.  A great trick to prevent confusion is to discretely number your reply cards.  A good way to hide the number is to use a layered reply card.  This way you can number the back of the top layer of your reply card.  Then record the number of the reply card in the column next to the name of the guest to whom it was sent.  This way when you receive blank or no name reply cards, you will know who mailed them.  Contact to order layered reply cards that come with one corner left adhered.  The Classic Invitation uses a pressure sensitive adhesive so you simply remove the protective strip and press to seal after you have numbered the corner of your reply card.  For an additional fee we can number the reply cards for you!

Mailing Time Frame:  Plan to mail your invitations at least 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding.  This will allow sufficient time for your guests to make arrangements to attend.  If you didn’t mail save-the-date cards you should plan to mail your invitations 8 -10 weeks ahead of time to allow out of state guests to purchase plane tickets and make hotel arrangements.  This will also allow you time to mail invitations to your “B” list with out it seeming like you invited them last minute or that they were an after thought. 

Responses:  As your reply cards come in record their receipt on the list that you’ve created.  This will give you a running tally of the number of your guests.

Follow Up!:  About a week or two before you need to provide your final guest list to your vendors be sure to contact the guests who have not responded.  This will provent guests you’ve invited but didn’t respond from showing up unexpectedly.  Also we all know that the U.S. Postal service is far from perfect.  Invitations that you’ve sent may not have been received and replies that your guest’s have sent may have been lost in the mail. 

Visit today for all of your wedding invitation and stationery needs!  The staff at The Classic Invitation is always happy to assist you with any invitation or etiquette questions that you may have.  Contact The Classic Invitation today for a free consultation!

By: Sheila Elizabeth